I miss my ex boyfriend more then anything.

he was my first actually serious boyfriend. we only dated for about 5 months. and I fell in love with him.

he left me because he moved to a different state. we still kept in touch over facebook and he would tell me he still loves me and stuff. and out of no where he got a new girlfriend it hurt me so much. it still does. I cry over it all the time.

he was my life. and it sucks.

i deleted him out of my life and blocked him on facebook so he can't contact me and I can't contact him.

but I just unblocked him and i really want to talk to him.

but the thing is, I know if I start talking to him I'm just gonna get all emotional and its gonna be harder for me to get over him. its been almost 2 months and I'm still trying to cope with it.

i know he obviously doesn't love me and miss me because if he did, he wouldn't have gotten a new girlfriend and he would at least call me and stuff.

but the other way I look at it is if I start talking to him maybe he will realize oh damn I miss her and I lost a good thing.

i know if I ask all my friends, they will tell me to not talk to him, and to get over him.

i just don't know what to do.


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  • First off, it is not unreasonable to be this upset over a guy who you only dated for 5 months. If you still really care about him, then you should try and talk to him again. Him having a girlfriend should not stop you from trying to reconnect with him. There is no reason why you can't come back into his life and try to gain some of that friendship that you had. Talking to him again and feeling all the emotions might help you. I know that you aren't going to want to have those feelings, or cry, or scream from the pain of not having him anymore. But sometimes those strong and extreme feelings help you to break through what you have been fighting. And maybe, talking to him again, after this time apart, and seeing what he is up to and what you are doing now, you might realize that you are happy for him with his life. That you can honestly say, "I am happy for him, that he is moving on with his life". He might not realize what he is missing because you haven't talked to him. You will never know how he truly feels about you and the whole situation if you are sitting there telling yourself well if he really cared he would be talking to me. You can't assume that. You have to be upfront about it if you honestly want to know. You will never know until you try.


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  • If he misses you he'll contact you. You've opened up the lines of communicating by unblocking him so the rest is on him. But in all honesty would you really want him back? LDR's are difficult and he chose someone else (someone closer). He may still have feelings but this sometimes isn't enough if you can't be with them physically.

    I know it is hard and you really want to speak with him but I don't see much good coming out of this for you.

    • yeah I know. its just hard to except it. I love him, but I hate him all at the same time. I think I'm over it, its just the memories and what hwe had that I miss. he was like my first reallll boyfriend and relationship so its hard. I wasn't used to having something like that, I was used to having hook ups and people not sticking around.

      everyday is getitng easier, but I still think about him and what we had everyday :/

    • you'll always remember what you had but it'll stop hurting when it does pop up in your head. Remember most relationships end. Like you said he's your first real b/f, you've enjoyed all the highs of being a couple for the first time and now your having to deal with the lows of a break up. It sucks but we all have to go through it. You'll probably have to do it again but you'll be better prepared to deal with it. But it's worth the risk right!

    • ugh I'm really upset now. I got a private phone call on Friday while I was at school. and today I got a friend request from him and he messaged me waht I've been up too. and I told him not to talk to me. and all he said after was merry christmas. like I don't get him. boyyyyy did he have some nerve to talk to me after all that has happened :/

  • You need to mend up that heart of yours fast.. I don't want to give you the same line that "time heals all wounds".. I would suggest for you to keep a journal and set aside a certain amount of time each day to think about him. This girl can you some patch things up for you also FAST ==> link


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  • This is exactly situation that happened with me and my Boyfriend but now is Ex-BF :( we broke up in last December'10 its really sad we dated almost 1 year and he is the nice person and very understanding I have ever mine. we broke up cause of stupid thing (he is jealousy) and I still love him, he always said to me that if we can't be together at least be his friend forever than nothing at all, he always said that because we have long distance relationship, it quite impossible to meet each other :( I know that's terrible and stupid to have LDR but I can't deny that I love him... bcause when you love someone it just happen, you never know and wanted that happen.

    Then one night I saw him posted a song, and the lyrics of song means he is give in, he didn't love me anymore... (if we can't speak, we always using song to describe our feeling and I know that song was meant for me) after that I decide to move on and deactivate my FB since yesterday night and I leave him without saying goodbye bcause we didn't talk since broke up...I want to disappear for a long time and now I miss him like crazy :'(( I can't stop crying :'((

    I have an advice for u, if you love someone it wouldn't always be a couple or together, just pray for his happiness and all the best for him... I hope it can make your heart more better to let him go... yeah its hard but I know you can :)

    P.s : If You Really Love Something, Set It Free.

    If It's Yours It Will Comes Back, If Not It Wasn't Meant To Be :))

    Just don't give up, follow your heart... heart tells you the truth ^^

    Good Luck

  • If you want him to miss you, you have to stay away... he can't miss you if you are always available to him... even if its just on facebook.


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