Is it possible to win her back?

My girlfriend broke up with me after I had tried to propose to her just over a year ago.

The break up was mostly my fault. I made some well intentioned, but bad decisions, and I got moody as a result. She got tired of my moods. and I came to help her out, but she ended up having to save my ass with money for the last 4 months of the relationship which made me feel emasculated, which is why I was moody.

Its been a year and a half, I miss not just the relationship, but her as a person. I've tried to get over her, but it keeps coming back. I tried to win her back 6 months ago, by serenading outside her house (she is Greek cypriot and lives in Cyprus,and I am British in UK). she didn't even bother speaking to me. she has blocked me from everything. I heard she had told a friend of mine that she was engaged to someone else.

i vowed to make myself successful and win her back. I'm now living in London, I'm a part time student, and make a living piano teaching and freelance writing for newspapers.

she said she is the type that "doesn't go back".

is there any way to win her back? I'M SPEAKING TO YOU GIRLS WHO ARE STUBBORN. What would change your mind? What would convince you the guy has changed and to go back?


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  • Sweetie...I hate to be harsh here but if it was going to happen, it would have happened when you attempted it 6 months ago. Regardless of whether you were successful or not...if she still had feelings for you, she would have wanted to be with you again and she would have at least given you the time of day.

    She's engaged to someone else. Let her live her life and let yourself move on. I know it's not easy, TRUST ME, I totally understand where you're coming from...but you're the only one keeping your brain where it's at. Start making yourself successful for need to set things up in attempt to win her back.

    Good luck hun :)

    • If it helps to know, I don't know for sure if she is engaged, she said it to one of my friends, but could just be to get me off the trail. It's impossible for me to find out. I'm totally blocked. Also I don't know how much her parents had to do with the breakup. We were seeing each other in secret for a good while. I can't have relationships, I've only tried once in the last year and a half, and I ended it after a month. I want them to be her. But they aren't...:(

    • Is her name Marieleni hahaha

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  • If she's already engaged with someone new, you need to seriously look into using some psychological tactics... I was in a similar situation and kind of messed things up because I didn't follow this game plan I learned here ==> link


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