Choices, I'm so lost, should I break up? Make up? Do nothing? Be single? Please, I need help

I'm in eighth grade and some of you are probably thinking I'm just some love lost kid, but please, hear me out. I liked this one girl since 6th grade let's call her H. Me and H went out in October this year for four days and then she broke up with me saying it was awkward. I was heart broken. A week after the breakup she texted me that she still likes me but isn't ready for a boyfriend. I've recently started suspecting that she also likes someone else. So a few days ago I started going out with one of her friends, let's call her D. I was happy. Today, H texted me about me and D she sounded sort of angry saying, "I was talking about your new girlfriend! Bye!" It was them that I realized I was happier with H than D. Another of all our friends, let's call her C, texted me saying that maybe H just wasn't ready for a boyfriend and that maybe I should have asked her for a second chance, but I thought that if H didn't want me and D did why not go out with D? But, now I don't know and I'm really confused. I still love H more than anything, but I don't know if she likes me, and I still like D. Should I break up with D and go for another chance with H? Or will that seem like I'm bad? And if I should break up with D how should I do it? And should I ask for H to take me back? Please, someone tell me what to do, I'm so lost... please.

H just wants to be friends, close friends and I'm okay with that but she said that she wouldn't go out with me if something happened between me and D because it'd be wrong. I want to know how to break up with D but still remain friends with them.
Without seeming like a bad guy, while getting closer to H. I don't really know much anymore and I'm really confused so I'd like to staighten everything out, because I only like D as a friend now.


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  • im in 9th grade so I guess I can relate pretty well. OK well I think that you should wait for H to calm down and just try to be a good friend more than anything and still go out with D. if you don't feel a spark with D then break up. it all depends on YOUR feelings. wait till H is ready for a boyfriend but in the meantime you can still have fun. good luck

  • Well really, what you need to do is separate the relationships here. The reason that you're with someone or not with someone shouldn't be depending on anything else but your feelings for that person. If you're into D enough to have a relationship with her, stay with her. If you're not really into her (which I'm suspecting because you wouldn't be considering anyone else if you were really in this), then be straight up and let her know that you need out because you're heart is somewhere else.

    As for H...if you end up being single, just confront H and let her know that you want to see if she'd give you another chance. And go from there sweetie - just go with the flow :).


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