What can I do to win him back?

I have been dating this guy for 7 months and when we first met he bragged how he wanted to introduce me to his mother and daughter one day. We talked about taking things slow but the way things were going in the beginning it was too fast. Things started to shift a little when he started to have financial problems about 3 months after we met. I pushed him away so he can take time to get back on track and then ran back to him because I missed him. I had faith in him. He always kept me up to date on things and he would text me almost every day to let me know he is thinking about me regardless. We never had a fight until a couple days ago. I was laying on his bed and as I laid my head on his pillow something started to vibrate. I picked it up and figured it was his phone. I saw the name "Princess" and reacted. I left before I sent a text to him asking who Princess is. I left because I wanted to respect his other room mate. Any way he got mad and stated that he felt disrespected and violated. He told me that if I couldn't trust him then how will he trust me if we were in a relationship and then he called it off. I feel bad for the way I reacted. He told me they were high school friends and they text sometimes. I respect the fact that he has female friends. I explained to him that I reacted off the name "Princess". I found out that Princess is a real persons name (via his facebook friends) and felt bad because he has been honest with me from the beginning. I over reacted and now he doesn't want to talk. He deleted me off his fb and I know people do things when they are mad and he tends to push people away when he is angry...even his family. I sent an email to apologize for my behavior. I told him I reacted off of something that I didn't intend to see and I know he has female friends. I have never had a problem with that since I have known him. He deleted me off fb before I could explain. I am so glad I didn't make a full of myself and begged for him...that could have pushed him away. I am afraid of losing him and I feel all this was not necessary. What should I do to win him back? I haven't made an attempt to contact him since the email on Wednesday 11/18. I feel like I should leave him alone for few weeks but feel like he might forget me. How long should I wait to contact him?
I meant I thought Princess was a "pet name" but it is a girl he knew real name. I confirmed that from his facebook friends.
Oh if I may add...she lives in another state.


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  • I don't know if you would really be happy with him in your life anyways. I mean why did he get so defensive if there was nothing to hide. It's an honest mistake. Princess is not a likely name. Sounds like he's throwing a tantrum that young kids do when something goes wrong. Give

    him space, if he really cares he should come back to you. Goodluck!

    • Thank you. I asked him the same thing. I asked him why was he so defensive and he said it was because he felt disrespected and violated. I kind of think he is using it as an excuse to get out because financially he is not in the postion

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