Why are my ex's friends doing this?

My ex boyfriend's best friends (girls and boys) have been contacting me on facebook. a couple times to talk to me and find out what's going on in my life and have liked some of my statuses and write weird messages on my wall. This is all out of the blue. I'm not friends with my ex on fb cause he defriended me but am still friends with his friends.

Are they just trying to mess with me? Why are they doing it? What do they want? And do you think my ex has something to do with it?

Also we dated for two years and have been broken up for about 3 and last I knew he had a girlfriend and I've been seeing a guy for the last year. and he broke up with me cause we were starting college and he wanted to figure out his life cause we fell in serious love very young.


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  • I wouldn't read into it... its been 3 years. They probably just noticed you on facebook and made a comment.


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