He cheated on me for my best friend. Just venting... feel free to comment if you want

in year 7 (I am now in yr9) I dated this guy, and he cheated on me for my best friend. I said I would never forgive him. since then, he has cheated on more girls. most of them are my friends.

but I don't understand how they can be friends with him, or date him again if he will only do it again?

he is the worst person I know, and all my friends know that I think that. but they don't understand that he will only hurt them again.

one time he cheated, was on one of my best friends, for another best friend. they both ended up in tears.

then the other day, my friend broke up with him. the next day, he was with another girl. then that night, he was tlkin to his ex on facebook, and told her he loved her still, and was only with his girlfriend for a distraction from my friend. the girl he's with now, loves him deeply (WHY?!?!?!), and I just don't want to see her get hurt...

i just want my friends to stay happy, and not get hurt by him. he's not worth their love...

i was the first girl he cheated on...
the girl he is with now, he has cheated on before


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  • Its not wise to ignore what's in someone's nature. If you know he's a cheater, its unwise to think that he will not do the same to you. People tend to do this because they feel that it will be different with them, only to rudely find out that its just not the case. I have a friend who tells all the girls he gets with that he is not exclusive with them and he is going to have sex with other people, he doesn't want an exclusive relationship with one girl and he is honest about it. Inevitably, there are the girls who think that this doesn't apply to them, and they end up hating him because they thought they were going to be different.


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  • What an idiot. Who would cheat on a hot piece of ass like you?

  • Hes a player, you all know it so what's the problem...its not like he's gona change you like the drama etc


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