How do you stop liking someone?

My one best friend (who's a guy) has liked me for 2 years,but didn't tell me til recently. He ALWAYS hold my hand,kisses my cheeks,tickles me,and hugs me.and I'm starting to have some feelings for him,but there very small. And I don't wanna because I don't wanna lose my best friend </3 and I still kinda like my ex in a way.. I'm very emotionally mixed up.. if you can could you give me some ideas/tips to get me to stop liking my best friend..? so I can figure out my feelings for my ex.

So if you could can you give me some tips/ideas to get rid of my feelings,so I don't lose my best friend </3


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  • Have you perhaps stopped to consider that maybe he's not here to be your best friend?

    So, let's say you successfully eliminate your budding feelings for your best friend,

    who's held feelings for you for a considerably large portion of the time that you have been friends.

    How long do your think you're going to keep your best friend?


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  • Same thing with me, although she doesn't know I like her and I'm affraid of our friendship getting damaged along the way


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  • Isn't it always said that your best friend is your lover? I know personally for me...I sure as hell want my lover to be my best friend.

    So if you are having feelings for him, then maybe it is a good thing. If he has cared about you for this long, it means something!

  • maybe you just need some time too figure out what you want


    - loving, caring, sweet, cheers you up and makes you laugh


    -betsfriends, he liked you, don't wanna lose friendship and don't wanna hurt him

    but I'm sure the decision you make is the right one :)