Can't escape from a REALLY BAD relationship.. SHE THREATENS ME.. CAN'T HELP MYSELF.. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

This is a big SOS.. For almost 1,5 year now i've been in a relationship that was never meant to be for me.. I am with a manipulative controlling CRAZY girlfriend and she won't let me go.. To get an idea this is an oldest post that i posted on this site : My messed up story... How do you break up with a girl you really love?
In sort, I saw that this relationship was going to destroy me.. but back then i didn't care and thought that everything wiil be fine.. what happened is the exact opposite.. Things went that bad that i told her to visit a shrink so we could find a solution in being happy.. that didn't helped either.. So here I'am now.. in a situation that i can't help myself.. I really love her and care about her.. but don't want to have a relationship with this girl anymore.. she is crazy.. she cheated on me because she thought that i was doing that as well.. she keeps talking bad to me.. isulting me and my family.. she hits me.. and she is screaming all the time to the point i feel like shaking.. I really don't want to be with her anymore but everytime i tell her that.. she is not letting me go, she comes to my house and threatens me that she will talk to her dad and ruin my life or talking to the police (because i went crazy one time 8 months ago, grabbed her by the neck but immideatly stopped and started crying and apologizing to her).
The situation is messed up.. i don't want to evolve anyone because i want this to end in somewhat a friendly way.. i thought of talking to the police so i can scare her of but.. she really alone and i feel bad for her.. i want to be next to her but as a friend.. but i really don't want to be with her anymore.. i can't take it i'm really depressed.. she is holding me back and ruining my llife.. i'm really desperate what should i do?
Ask for help from family/friends (She may do the exact same thing and things can get really nasty)
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Talk to the police so she backs off (she may do the same and well in this situations the guy is the one who gets f***** up)
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Can't escape from a REALLY BAD relationship.. SHE THREATENS ME.. CAN'T HELP MYSELF.. WHAT SHOULD I DO?
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