Why is he being this cruel to me?

It was a ldr, so I guess it was natural it ended, but why this way, why with all this cruelty?

I was in love with him and things were going perfectly.

Than he stopped talking to me out of the blue (10 days after telling me he was sleeping with my jumper in the bed because it smelled of me) and dumped me (relationship of 2 years of which the first 8 months living in the same campus). Time one month he was dating an old friend of his.

He he refuses to talk to me and is extremely aggressive verbally. He knows I still love him and that I’m suffering a lot but rejects all responsibility for having made me suffer and is just acting in the most callous way possible, almost as if he wants to make me pay for something... and I really, really didn’t do anything against him, ever.

I asked him to at least be friends because I don’t want to lose him completely, he told me if I write again he’ll block me.

He’s not the same person I used to know, he’s so cruel and full of hate towards me. It’s devastating.
Why is he being this cruel to me?
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