what should I do? give it up and move on or be patient and let it play out

its like this, I broke up with my boyfriend in DEC of 09. we needed a break from each other. because I felt like he might want his ex, they still talked and what not. I did the whole MIA thing, no contact, no Facebook, no cell phone..nada. in January he begged me for half the month to speak to him. then. February I drunk called him and we talked but I don't know what I said. April I went to church and spoke with my pastor and mentor and they said I needed to forgive myself and him. so I hit him up and apologized, he told me he hated me and some other mean sh*t, like implying he got back with his ex. then July he gets on facebook and I delete mine again. summer goes by I go to visit an out of state friend and get sh*t faced and call and text him. we argue about the Dec 09 break up, I guess if you can call it that since I was trashed. then September I get my cell phone back and I text him hey. how are you. we kind of have a cordial conversation and then I tell him I miss him or something nice like that. rest of month we random text good morning, have a nice say, you know that junk. so October he hits me, we chat about a show we use to like. then he asks where I'm at repeatedly and eventually I tell him, I'm at home. so he asks if I want to see him. and I basically say really its about whether or not he wants to see me. then after that he asks if he can see me then. so we see each other. he gets to my house and asks why I didn't give him a hug. so we hug, real TV epic. 10 min like. then as I go to pull away he kisses me. we talk for like ever it seems like. we end up having make up sex. next day happens we hug and kiss bye. the following Wednesday he texts me about going to the mall in two weeks. I say sure cool talk to you in two weeks. so two weeks (going on three now) have passed and not a peep. no text no call nada. [might also add he as an occupation that keeps him in & out of town] so what should I do? give it up and move on or be patient and let it play out. ?

i forgot to mention that during the hug he said he missed me and midway through the conversation he said he still loved me...


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  • you rebounded, not a good idea when you timed yourself wrong with your ex...he essentially baited you and you trapped yourself into an awkward situation if the breakup didn't state that fact...this is not a good way to start things over in a second chance

    • ugh true. so I should what? I mean I feel like the whole thing was genuine but you could be right.. definitely baited in.. hook line and sinker...

    • walk away from this

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