I guess she trying to make me break up? Or what's her deal?

My girlfriend has been cold and distant for two weeks. We talked and asked her if she still wanted me in her life. She said yes.
Anyway, she doesn't reply when I say I love her. She says she not expressive (she did before) She get mad at everything I do or say. I mean everything.
Yesterday we agreed she will let me know when she was free so I could see her. Never let me know and when I sent her a goodnight text she told me she was at a party someone made her goand we could meet next day. I juts replied OK.
So today I sent her a message (no good morning message, I was pissed) asking around what time we could met and she replied "are you not angry anymore?". Since I WA shaving lunch I told her "no, I get sick if I eat when angry, if you want we can check about that later"
She said check? Wtf? And thanks for the info about you not eating angry. So I called her I and asked why she was taking that the weong way. Told her I wasn't angry and I was just trying to know what time we were going to meet to be ready. So she got mad and told me.. well see.
Irs been a lot of things like that. So I really think she doesn't want the relationship and she just wants to push me to do it. But.. Why? She has even told me she doesn't want to be an ass since I've been nothing but a good person with her.
I've put all my effort in making this better, to make it work. But then things like this happen. The again, why she says she wants to be with me but acts like that? (the whole week she was saying she was busy.. OK.. She doesn't have a job so I guess a couple o minutes ar enot such a big deal).
I've tries to talk about it. Told her I understood she might be through a rough patch and I was there for her but being angry at everything instead of taking me as a relief was not helping. She still said she wants me as her boyfriend. So... Wtf.. At this point I'm not going to contact her. See if she shows a bit of interest. Bu.. Should I just comply with what she seems to wants and break up?
I guess she trying to make me break up? Or what's her deal?
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