I really want him.. he's my life, soul, breath he's the only thing worth living?

So there's this guy I adore since 2006.. We Were good friends he used to kinda like me and tried to set me but I went like too far.. We danced in a party 2 years ago we spent all the night together.. Then I was the reason he dumped his girlfriend.. But then I told him "I love You" he was like I know then I started suffering.. After a while he told me that he doesn't! I was like okay but I died from the inside.. Then we started fighting because of my and his friends.. Now he's telling a Close mutual things about some feeling towards.. Shall I talk to him? How can I treat him? Please help guys I adore or more I actually worship him xX


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  • It doesn't sound like he deserves these feelings from you, honey. He isn't treating you right. He doesn' gel how you do and believe me, I know it hurts like hell! I'm actually going through a break up and I'm convinced he still loves me. It's all a big mess really! I feel quite awful all the tine.

    This guy doesn't deserve you! He sounds like a player. He's probably done this more than once I'm sorry to say!

    To be blunt, I'd get out. Now.

    • Dear am sorry to hear about your problem.. May the lord protect you and save youu.. I really respect your answer but I really adore him life getS blury withouT seeing him! I swear I count minutes since I last saw him am messed up with words now I love himm fromm the damn deep of my heart! Thank you very muchh Xx.. Ohh and listen if you need anyhelp am here gorgeous xx

    • I understand. I feel the same. I can't move on.

      I have to try and convince him that I've changed and that what I see I really mean.

      He's with a rebound at the moment - That hurts deeply.

      Personally, I'm not contacting him for three weeks. This will, I hope, enable me to clear my head and maybe he will miss me if I do this.

      Then its his birthday so I'm going to get in touch. I just hope he responds :|

      Maybe you should try the same x

    • His birthday is on 21st of April so I guess its a long time.. I know what your passing through but may god hold our backs.. That's a good idea just make sure no one's around him.. Keep updating me! I'd be happy to hear your good news if the god well!

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