What the hell is my ex trying to do now?

hey guys. me and my ex have been apart for a month now, and he's been acting weird. id really appreciate if you would read this and add an opinion! :)
okay... so it started when i saw him and a girl on my friends snapchat story last night, and it made me kinda sad.. it seemed like they were having so much fun together. , i am also friends with that girl, and this is what she told me about that night. ..
she didn't want to even hang out with him ( my ex) , and only said yes because he was being so pushy and had been pestering to hang out with her since we broke up. they went for a short hike. then, after about 2 hours of my ex driving her around, it was 11 pm, and she said she needed to go home. My ex told her, no, we need to go on another drive, and drove past MY house in his truck with her, three times, super loudly, and then dropped her off at her house 30 minutes later. does this seem kind of physco to you? i was confused why he drove by and concerned when my friend told me how he had treated her. what do you think about this? he basically forced one of his female friends to hang out with him just so he could put he two of them on social media, looking like they were having lots of fun, when in reality, it was quite the opposite, she felt used. what do you guys think?
What the hell is my ex trying to do now?
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