So my ex is a good buddy of my current boyfriend...I don't know what to do! Help please?

I have a group of guy friends, and I dated a guy, Guy A, about 1.5 years ago. He broke my heart after few months. Just recently Guy B, also from the same group, asks me out and I agree (since he's really sweet). But I don't want to mess up Guy A and B's friendship since they've been buddies for like 6-7 years. But I'm afraid eventually Guy B will found out how big of an a**hole Guy A, his buddy, was to me., because I used to complain to my current boyfriend how badly my ex was treating me while we were still going out (without mentioning his name, of course). But I don't want to ruin their friendship. But my boyfriend asked me about it yesterday, and I managed to change the topic but I don't want to lie to him in case it comes up again...what should I do? I'm afraid my boyfriend has a sneaking suspicion that I used to date Guy A...thank you for any advice and thanks for reading!


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  • Tell him; so far from what I've seen guys don't care if they date eachother's exes, but when you tell him, tell him how it makes you feel, that you don't want to be the one that is the downfall to their friendship. Guys are different from girls; I doubt it could get bad unless Guy A is a douche to your boyfriend about you.


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