Breaking up with my emotionally unavailable boyfriend?

I used to like emotionally unavailable relationships, I used to just like having fun with a guy, letting things run their course and then ending on good terms.

However, with my current partner. I cared about him long before we got together. I tried not to, but you can't help who fall for.
We've been on and off for three years. When it's good it's great, but I've found, especially for the last two years, that I'm always on eggshells around him. When he wants his space I do give it to him, but I'm afraid to even text him in that time incase it annoys him.
I feel like I can't talk to him about all the things that are wrong in our relationship because he won't want to have that conversation.
When we go through rough patches, it's like I'm the only one fighting for us.
Like I said, we've broken up a few times in the past, but everytime I end things with him, he won't leave me alone.
I've kind of reached the point where, I know I'm always going to care about him way more than he cares about me, and nothing between us is ever going to change.

I am going to end things for good this week, I just need a way to say that I'm always going to have feelings for him without sounding patronising, and way to end it that let's him know not to come after me this time?
Breaking up with my emotionally unavailable boyfriend?
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