Me and boyfriend are having space.. Brother got involved. Now what?

I'm livid...
Me and the boyfriend were taking space because we were arguing a lot. It was a mutual decision and we said we'll talk about it in about a week when we're thinking a bit clearer.
I have given him space.. no calls, texts, nothing.
And was going to send a letter to him in a few days (would receive it after the week) that explained a few things but also that I know I could walk away knowing I did all I can if I decided to not work on our relationship. Brilliant on my end I thought...

I confided in my older brother. He has only spoken on the phone to my boyfriend and never met him as he lives in another country. Perfect person to confide in I thought...
My brother called him and had a man to man chat, the contents I don't know. My brother told him about the letter and how sweet it was etc.. and my boyfriend told my brother he wants us to work and loves me... I know he was just trying to help but I am mortified.

So now I've had to send the letter as it looks like I'm full of s/%# if I don't and my pride level is at 0.

Has my brother messed this up for me.. it happened yesterday?
1 y
Correction* = that I could walk away knowing knowing I did all I could if HE didn't want to work on the relationship.
1 y
He has a doctor's appointment today about something he's embarrassed about. (Down there). Do I ask him if he's okay? If he wants me to come with him or leave it?
Me and boyfriend are having space.. Brother got involved. Now what?
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