Why is this guy I had a beautiful story with (angrily) refusing to talk to me?

We got on so well together, the sex was amazing, laughed a lot together, talked a lot, liked the same food and music and activities and were both as enthusiastic about our story. However, Six month later he had to move overseas for work.

As he did, we started keeping in touch regularly and ended up having a sort of ldr, we however discussed and agreed we weren’t in a relationship. Emotionally, we grew closer and closer. This part lasted one year before I managed to go visit him.

The visit went much above expectations, he introduced me to his friends and even drove 6 hours just to have me meet his parents. We both were bound by work contracts in our respective countries for at least one more year, but agreed to continue as before and see each other during the next holidays. He gave me a ring with an infinity symbol which he said represented our bond.

After I flies back things went on as usual for about a month, after which he became elusive, but kept saying nothing had changed. After more than one month of almost no communication on his side, I told him for me it was over. It broke my heart. He replied “ok, it’s probably the best thing”. Just that. I suffered so much in the following months.

3 months later he told me he was dating someone. I discovered it was a female friend he had known since just after we met. The poor girl is extremely unattractive (that made me suspect she was a rebound at first).

Finally, a couple months later, in occasion of one very rare message exchange, I managed to tell him that I had been suffering for what had happened, and that the way he became elusive after my visit had made me feel used and lied to.

He got furious, answered aggressively as I tried to understand why he was angry, eventually blocked me on all accounts. Lately i I tried to text him again asking to make up, he told me we can’t be friends right now.

I dont understand why.
Why is this guy I had a beautiful story with (angrily) refusing to talk to me?
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