Is my boyfriend cheating on me or just stressed out?

Me and my boyfriend have been together almost a year. We had a pretty good relationship up until about 2 months ago when we were both arrested with domestic battery. Mind you at the time we both had serious drug problems. Since then I have gotten treatment and am clean..him on the other hand has calmed down with the drug use but is far from clean. Even after the arrest we were able to continue our relationship and put that fight behind us. 3 weeks ago I came to his house and one of the first things he said to me was " There is a rumor going around that I slept with the 16 year old girl who lives down the road. and I wanted to tell you before you heard it from someone else".. He assured me that it was not true and I believed him. not too long after that he stopped wanting to have sex with me and always has a lame excuse that he's tired or doesn't feel good. within the past 3 weeks he started keeping his phone on him at all times so I could not see it. but a week ago I got the chance to look at it while he was in the shower. He had talked to the 16 year old on the phone and her name is Jonel well he had her number under Joe . To me that sounds like he was trying to cover his ass so just in case I would get a hold of the phone so I would think it was a guy. After I confronted him about this he swore to me that he's really stressed about court and that the only reason he called her was to ask why people are saying they slept together. I am 13 weeks pregnant and I cry very easily..All weekend he was very mean to me and kept leaving me alone at his house and going to his buddies house to blow off steam from our arguing. I am totally against his drug use and I want to help him but he continues to use no matter how upset it makes me.He tries to hide it but I seem to always find out..Could this really be stress? or even maybe he's cheating on me with DRUGS..or that little girl..? Please help!


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  • You said you know he's doing drugs, so you can't expect a stable relationship, can you? I'd stop seeing him unless he gets clean unless you want your baby to be raised around a drug addict.

  • I think you have to really focus on yourself and your baby and you are on the right track. He is still not doing what he should be doing yes I'm sure he is stress but not more then you. You should really be careful and protect yourself and your baby. Good luck.


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