My ex won't leave me alone. Help?

A few months ago I broke up with him because he wasn't giving me any attention/affection. He never wanted to talk to me (he only messaged me back 3 days - a week after), he was only concerned about the sex we weren't having, he was always out of the country, he made 0 time to try to spend time with me. I just felt like I was settling, we didn't want the same thing; I wanted to get married and then start a family but he wanted to start off with a family and get married long after everything was "established", and after 4 years he didn't even remember my name. He kept calling me baby and my love.

I started to feel like I was over him but now he's trying to message me on social media but I keep blocking him and I feel like I'm going to explode.
My ex won't leave me alone. Help?
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