What do you think about my ex? I need your opinion. Heart broken now. Please.. :(

Well, 2yrs ago we broke up.He was a bit slow guy.He was a the reason is, he seems doesn't interested to contact me.He says he loves me and everyone can sees he was that but the things is, when I sent him a messages,he won't reply and if he did, he conversation suddenly drop and he'll disappeared. Although he was nice,i dumped him because I never felt that I have a boyfriend although I did.And,i actually regrets after doing that action

During these 2 yrs, I saw changes in his life. He getting better although sometimes he post some status on facebook,about about heart broken, 1 more chance, want getting back together and so on. Sometimes we chat and comment on each other status. The status tht he post seems like it has been referred to me cause I know he still can't forget me. Reading that makes me felt guilty, because I hurt his heart

Out from nowhere, I dreamed of him. I dreamed that I was chasing him.I didn't think of him any. But when I woke up, I felt something in my heart. I still love him. Then, I manages myself to tell him about it. The conclusion is, he's telling me he's loves me and I also do the same. He asked me to think about getting together carefully. He want to deal this after exam.

I'm so curious, about his answer. I felt really uneasy. I want to know as soon as possible. I don't want to wait anymore. I texted him want to see him as soon as possible.

So we went out and it takes a while to talk about that. We started with simple conversation. I want him but he says he wasn't ready. I was thinking why didn't he ready cause its been 2 yrs, and he was chasing me during these times. When I asked him when, he says he doesn't know. He says we'll going be the same and our feelings never changes. But, doesn't he realized that he wasn't impressed me much all these days and still I have to wait for him? He talked confidently as I never found anyone better than him that could care of my heart better. The conversation was in rush anyway as he have some important meetings with his friends about studies. He still manages to meet me though.. He said that we'll meet tomorrow.

After tomorrow, I asked him and he says he's not well. But I felt that he was trying to avoid me for some times because of exam and didn't want to think about this. Then I can't wait anymore and I poured all about how I felt and what I wants in msgs. He told me he will give 1 day to reply.

After 1 day, he did reply and he says he decided to 'released' me officially cause he can't follow my way. Is it hard? I just need some attention and cares. I want him to listened to my problem, replying my messages and I don't ask him to hang out with me 24 hours per day. He seems to challenge me to find people that better than him. He emphasize about my promise about still 'being friends' (although we're never talked to each other when we meet after break up).

I blocked his fb and I sent him a messages that our relationship is dead end and I don't want to have any relationship with him anymore. Help!


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  • what you end up doing?

    • I ignored him at first. Then there's something important come out that I need to contact him. I did explain again to him and he truthfully says that he's a bit sad about my action. He told me his heart aches too because rejecting me so now, we continue as a friend. But not really though..

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