Should I move on? or what I’m confused?

Him and I have slept together. I like him a lot.
A few weeks ago, I told him to leave me alone to no longer talk too etc.
Then I just felt like I missed him, I tried to contact him and then I found out he blocked my number.
I found a way to contact him and even asked about it too him when I saw him in person.
When I did that afternoon he texted me and told me he had unblocked me.

Well we have this habit of sending each other songs to listen too. So I did it twice last week, but he never replied, or if he does it takes him one day.
So Saturday night, I just decided to send him a message asking him
“If you want me to stop texting you and to leave you alone just tell me”
I did that because since he hasn’t replied to my text I felt like I annoyed him.
So on Sunday morning he replied to my text saying
“Stop worrying I just haven’t gotten back with you yet”.

I don't know what he means by that. I like the guy and he knows it. Wen I went off on him and told him to stop talking too him he had blocked me. Then I asked if he was mad at me in person and he said “I was never mad at you”.
If he wasn’t mad at me why did he block my number anyways. that same day he unblocked and texted me. What shall I do any advice.
1 y
Also why would be unblocked me if he already had me blocked.

Should I move on? or what I’m confused?
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