Should I move on? or what I’m confused?

Him and I have slept together. I like him a lot.
A few weeks ago, I told him to leave me alone to no longer talk too etc.
Then I just felt like I missed him, I tried to contact him and then I found out he blocked my number.
I found a way to contact him and even asked about it too him when I saw him in person.
When I did that afternoon he texted me and told me he had unblocked me.

Well we have this habit of sending each other songs to listen too. So I did it twice last week, but he never replied, or if he does it takes him one day.
So Saturday night, I just decided to send him a message asking him
“If you want me to stop texting you and to leave you alone just tell me”
I did that because since he hasn’t replied to my text I felt like I annoyed him.
So on Sunday morning he replied to my text saying
“Stop worrying I just haven’t gotten back with you yet”.

I don't know what he means by that. I like the guy and he knows it. Wen I went off on him and told him to stop talking too him he had blocked me. Then I asked if he was mad at me in person and he said “I was never mad at you”.
If he wasn’t mad at me why did he block my number anyways. that same day he unblocked and texted me. What shall I do any advice.
Also why would be unblocked me if he already had me blocked.


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  • He means: “Stop worrying I just haven’t gotten back with you yet."

    That's all. There's nothing to read into. Guys do not send messages with coded meanings. We don't even know how that would work. There is only one possible meaning of what he wrote. Literally, you shouldn't worry because he's been busy and just hasn't responded yet.

    If you told him to leave you alone, there is no reason to ask why he blocked your number. Of course he did, you closed the door and denied him the right to speak to you. He reciprocated, as would be expected.

    There's no game here, nothing to read into. Everything is right on the surface.

  • Im pretty sure I answered this question already but you have requested that i answer it again, so you'll have to forgive my lack of enthusiam and grumpy tone.

    You both sound like twats.

    Wtf are you telling him to leave you alone for if you are only going to change your mind 5 minutes later?


    “Stop worrying I just haven’t gotten back with you yet”

    What a power tripping asshole.


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  • This is a version of the cat and mouse game plus revenge. Some men do this when they have different women in order to gain control of the relationship in form of manipulation. It's a sort of revenge like they do when a woman cuts them off first, and they don't like that. To gain control they are willing to make them wait for their response, and leave the girl wondering if they are together or not. His ego is entirely too big and he want to feel like the king of the castle. To him it's more of a "I am going to let her learn her lesson, or I bet she won't do this again" kinda thing. If I was in your shoes I would move on. He likes to play mind games to win over because he hate losing at anything

    • The reason I sent him that message was because he kept making me more confused.
      For a guy who didn’t want me to get attached if we had sex. He for sure offered me hisnplace to stay when I couldn’t go back home. He even had a pair of his pjs ready for me when I went back to his.
      We spent 5-6 hours just listening music together and he was buzzed that night and said “we don’t even have to have sex as long as we are like this”.

      He was the one that first admitted how similar we are. He was the one that called me one night to let me know what was going on with him and his job.

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    • how are you going to get along with someone that is EXACTLY like you with no differences? How are you going to get along with someone that you constantly have to argue with because you both do the same thing? How are you going to get along with someone that do you the same way you would do another person? how are you going to get along with someone that can't treat you better than you would treat another person? You don't want to date a person that is EXACTLY like you in every way with no differences at all. If you can't find someone that you don't share differences with then you won't learn what you don't like.

    • thanks for MHO

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  • Well I would hate the feeling of walking on eggshells all the time and not knowing what is wrong. Kinda hard to fix a problem if you don't know. I'd say move on to someone that will put in the same amount of effort you are.

    • I agree and I’ve tried.
      Reason that I sent him the message for him to not talk too me anymore.
      It’s also when I found out he blocked me.

      I asked him in person like a week later if he was mad and he said “he was never mad at me@.
      That same day later on he texted me saying he had unblocked me and sent me a song from a band I liked.

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    • Well to be honest he told me not to get attached when he was drunk. The first time ever he sexted me.

      But never him being sober has told me that.

    • Maybe ask him about it sometime in a subtle way.

  • Looks like you are doing too much of:
    Over analysing
    Coming to your own conclusions
    Keeping your distance and trying to stay close

    Looks like it's created:

    What you both need to do more of:
    Address key issues
    Understand and know each other

    It just seems like you 2 are not on the same wavelength at the moment... And if you want it, you both got to work for it.
    Never easy, but necessary...

  • You have confused him to the point that he has put up a little wall. Protecting himself. If you plan on a relationship of any kind. The two of you need to sit down, face to face, and put all of your cards out on the table. You may not hear what you want to, but at least both of you will know exactly what is going on with the other.

  • Whatever...

    You are just playing games... You like him but told him to stop talking to you... Then you seek him out and send him songs... later became impatient and asked if he's mad at you...
    You're treating him like he's your personal toy...

    Unless you are 5 years old... Either stop messing about or just leave the poor guy alone and move on...

    • I’m playing games?

      Oh no.
      Way before we had sex he knew I liked him and had feelings.
      He told me not to get attached if we had sex.
      Why would he say that when he knew I was.

      And if I’m toying him he should have kept me blocked.

    • He wants to keep having sex with you... But do not want any more attachments...

      You are hot and cold towards him so he's conflicted...

      Just leave him alone if you want more than what he's willing to give...

      Otherwise... Tell him that you're only interested in sex and nothing more... That should calm him a little...

  • I'd block you too.. it's way to confusing if someone gives up on you... jus choose.

    • I gave up on him. Because too menit felt and seemed he was just playing games.

      Way before we had sex he knew I liked him.

    • He had me blocked and then unblocked me.

  • On his part it sounds like a game to me. And unless you both are adolescents there should be no game playing. It sounds like you are attempting to be a mature responsible partner.
    Hopefully he's not some guy that just "hit it" and ran since you seem to have feelings for him

    • Surpassingly he’s 41.
      He been married before now divorced.

      Before we had sex he told me not to get attached but of course I did.
      We had sex again multiple time afterwards. Usually he will ha e a buzz.
      Before I will leave he will say “love you” he will also say that when sober.
      He will give me forehead kisses, and even offered his place too me when I couldn’t go home.
      And he had a pair of his pjs ready for me.

      At first he used to call me to sex talk but he calmed down about it. Until one night out of nowhere after not seeing him for a Mknth he called me to let me know what was going on with him and his job.

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    • I like fucking. Like wild.
      He will usually pull me down towards him and just kiss me like crazy.

      The forehead kiss was like a hour after we had sex and after us just talking. It was unexpected he kits looked at me, smirked and kissed my forehead.

      Way before we started having sex he will make me laugh when I’m sad. Even after we had fucked many times he will comment my hair, and smile and say “love you”.

    • But sexting. That's just for him. You talked to him so he can get off.
      It's hot that you like fucking. I wish I could see how you fuck.
      If you are a good wild fuck he would want to keep fucking you.
      He may not want to complicate things with feelings.

  • i think you both need to move on. he doesn't seem invested enough in forging a relationship with you to exert the effort of even responding to a text.

    • I agree but then again my own best friend doesn’t reply too anyone.
      Just some people aren’t into texting or devices.

      Then again he shouldn’t have unblocked me if he already had be blocked.

  • He is gun shy... You slapped him once, figuratively that is, and now he doesn't trust you.. Trust is a big thing and its hard to get back once its lost.. His trust in you with his heart is at issue.

    • I did it because he has be confused.
      He knows I like him and a lot yet he won’t ask me to with him.
      He isn’t shy he’s a 41 year old man who has been married once before.

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    • He knows I like him. No need for me to tell him.

    • words, work wonders, assumptions lead to mis-understandings

  • He is really mad at you, I think.
    You should tell him your feeling. As a guy , he will forgive you.
    Best wishes for you.

  • Just stop talking to him and move on to find someone that deserves you

    • Sadly I’m in love with him

    • I was the same way about my ex-wife until I found out everything that she was doing to me and it took me a while to get past it. I know that you can get past this and find someone who does deserve you

    • I onow.
      But why would he unblock me then if he doesn’t want anything to do with me?

      You know?

      I understand it was my fault for sending him that message to leave me alone, to never text me again. But I was emotionally unstable that day. I tried to contact him again and that’s when I found he had blocked me.

      A week later I saw him in person and asked I he was mad at me and he said
      “I was never mad at you, I just haven’t unblocked you”.

      Before he unlocked me I told him that I apologized and that I didn’t want to lose his friendship. That if he accepts my apology to unblock me and to send me a song to listen too. I said “I’m sorry and I love you”.

      Thatday when I saw him that afternoon he texted me and unblocked and did what I told him. He sent me a song from an artist I like and he knows I like that artist.

  • I think just move on, you need a fresh start I think

  • Move on


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  • I think you both just need to walk away. Seems he’s done and doesn’t like your mood swings and clinginess. Take it as a lesson and move on

    • Way before we got this way he knew I had mood swings.

      And I felt like I annoyed him reason for me sendin him that text. If he I wanted me to stop talking too him.

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    • You obviously have no idea what you’re talking. Seeing all those questions you’ve asked. 😂👍👏 thanks though. At least my dick has never replied with whatever after I told him I arrived safely home.

    • You should learn to read. That’s not what he replied whatever to. And he’s sitting beside me right now. Yours is nowhere to be found. Bahahaha

  • He's being literal. He's not mad at you. He just takes forever to respond.

    • I need for him to communicate with me. Because it drive me nuts.
      I guess I’m to attached and clingy too him.
      When he sent me that text I didn’t reply back.

      I sent him that text message if he wanted me to leave him alone because I felt like I was annoying him. You onow?

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    • Girl I know. That’s why I sent him that message.

      “If you want me to leave you alone, and stop texting you just tell me”.

      And since he hasn’t replied to my previous text I didn’t think he was gonna reply that morning with

      “Stop worrying I just haven’t gotten back with u yet”.

    • He's just saying he's not mad at you. Just chill and let him get back to you when he's ready.

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