Why wanting to be friends with an ex after a month of no contact?

OK. there's one thing I cannot understand. how can some guys go behind their gf's back to see an ex they dumped few months ago ? and why do they think they can hang around with her as FRIENDS even though their girlfriend knows somethings up and is being even more possessive because of that ? and why do they bail out on the ex at the last minute while they are so convinced they can become friends with her ?


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What Guys Said 1

  • well this actually has happened to me before, and honestly usually a person goes back to see / talk / hangout with their ex because they still have feelings for that person, and may want to see if there are still sparks, or maybe they just want to make a final ditch effort to see if they have made a mistake in leaving that person.

    this usually leads to guys sleeping with there ex (bad)

    the guy fighting with his ex (bad)

    the guy acting as a "friend" to his ex, but its really just flirting (bad)

    and / or realizing that he should not be there in the first place (bad?)

    so in the end, being "friends" with your ex always sounds good on paper, but if he was in any sort of serious relationship with this ex, there usually is just too many left over emotions to play the friend game, and in the end they bail.

    hope this helps.


What Girls Said 1

  • they either miss the ex and want to spend time with her, or they are unsure about the new relationship and are stringing the ex along in case things don't work out with the current girl.


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