Realizing I have syptoms of PTSD?

I opened up yesterday about my rape story (its the post before this one) and im realizing how all of this has negatively affected me in my everyday life. i didn't know it was unatural to always feel unsafe. If im in a hallway and someone is walking *behind* me even if their like 20 ft away it makes me uncofortable and triggers me to to get ready to fight theme or run and then sometines i get so panicked that i get physically exhausted after so much mental strees. I hate when im in a public place like a library and people walk behind me. I have to constantly watch my back... And parking lots are the worse. If see a man on a phone i assume he is planning w someone else on the other line to kidnapp me. Or if i see others im afraid they will attack me. (my incident occured in a parking lot). I nver realized how unsafe i felt everyday until i realized im in constant fear of being attacked. In the last two weeks i haven't gotten as much flashbacks, but when i do think to that low dark scary place where i felt like a disgusting trash can, it paralysises me and i keep thinking about it, trying to fix how i should handle this as im constantly and unforuntly replaying it over and over... Im upset that im so fucked in the head. I dont know what i should do at this moment. Its intoxicating my mind. Advice please, and sorry if all of this was to much
Realizing I have syptoms of PTSD?
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