She went back to her ex boyfriend? After a 20 min conversation?

So me and this girl talked for like a month. Went on a few dates and she told me she had an amazing time on them all. She told my roommate that she really really likes me and thinks there could be something more than just dating in our future. We stayed in constant communication (facebook, text, email,etc...) for an entire week. We hung out every night and made plans for days and weeks in the future.

Then it all changed. In literally 2 hours she went from being super into me to not talking to me at all. Apparently sometime in that time span she had a little meeting with her ex and he convinced her to give "them" another try. She told my roommate that she was in love with him and had to give it another try.

Today 4 days later she texts me and tells me the situation and that she is really sorry about the timing of everything. I just don't know what to think anymore. I really really liked this girl, more than any other I've ever been with. I feel like sh*t basically. And this being Thanksgiving break none of my friends are here for me to even talk to. So all I can do is sit here and dwell on what happened. Girls really suck sometiems.


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  • Some girls like guys that hurt them. After a while shell get tired of it. Just don't let her know how this is getting to you and don't text her shell wonder why you left her alone


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