Assault and protection order drop?

My ex and his family are BEGGING me to drop the domestic violence charges against my ex because he committed a class a misdemeanor.
Okay my ex and I keep having fights where it gets brutal to the point where he chokes me, threatens me with knife, pulls my hair dragging me, slaps me, and sadly he tries to hurt my baby bump by hitting it. I've got the police involved and he got arrested, and have to obey the protection order.
Lately he called me to ask me to drop the charges or case, and the protection order so he can see his son once he's born, and be friends with eachother for our son.
I still have feelings for my ex but still can't trust him. And I honestly think he's just being nice to me so he can use me to get his way.. I don't know.
His mom wants me to drop charges so he won't go to prison but still wants me to get a protection order.
What should I do? I'm under a lot of pressure!
Assault and protection order drop?
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