Fastest way to forget someone?

I've made up my mind to completely forget this guy...He has hurt me verbally many times, knowing that I cared for him, but he valued his reputation at school (supposedly if he dates someone younger it's a bad thing) and publicly said one too many things that have really shattered me. There was a time when I loved him so much and he completely broke my heart. I couldn't distract myself. Couldn't think straight or focus, or do anything.

He came back after that, apologized...we worked it out. But it's the same old cliche repeating itself... He acts like a total asshole, apologizes, I let it go... But this time he crossed the line, and he still expects me to give in?

I've moved on, but he's the one who keeps coming back to me...and if I'm honest with myself I have suppressed feelings for him deep down, but I can't and don't want to be with him anymore if I won't get treated properly.

I mean I would be perfectly fine if he moved on...but he's trying to get me interested in him again and it's kinda breaking through my "don't give a damn" facade. I haven't reciprocated or anything, I'll continue acting like I don't care...what if in the end I like him again?

They say when you love someone set them free, if they come back it was meant to be, etc.

But does it really?


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  • Go about your own business and try new things. It takes time. When you try so hard to forget someone, that's counterproductive since you are still thinking about him. Don't worry about what he thinks or says or even if he's still alive. When you are concerned with such things, you subconsciously build your routine around him making it even harder to move on.

    Examples of things you don't do involve going on a website and asking questions about your relationship with him. Yes you got some advice now put these words into action! Have fun.

    • Haha I liked the last bit :P Asking a question on a website about him lol, you're right although it feels good to kinda let it out :P Thanks for the advice though :)

    • Hey, you are welcome.

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  • You just need to let go. Push him away, ignore him. Let him do the chasing, he'll eventually get tired himself and realize that his games aren't going to work with you anymore.

    As Enchanted_x3 said time will tell. Just keep yourself occupied and try not to think too much about this, it will only make it harder for you to move on.

    • Easier said than done

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  • Well first off honey if someone treats you how he did, they don't care about you. He seems young and immature and like he cares more about his stupid high school reputation than treating someone who cares for him with love and respect. This is not someone you need in your life! He has made his bed by treating you like crap, NOW LET HIM LAY IN IT! I am very proud of you for holding up your "i don't give a damn" outlook. Very smart and mature! I know that its hard but you must keep this up. Even when you feel like you are about to crumble, even when you feel like you love him or he has changed. If he comes back and apologizes, fine, accept his apology. But do not, and I repeat do not accept him back. Men will keep coming back honey. Its what most of them do. Bu if you allow them to keep hurting you and then you take them back, all you are doing is saying that kind of treatment is OK. AND IT IS NOT!

    Im going to be honest. It is very possible that you may begin to like him again. That is normal. You know the saying time heals all wounds? Well let me give you an example: you know how a little kid will fall off their bike scrape their knee, then not ride their bike for a few days? but then once the wound heals they are right back out there happy as can be? that is until they fall again. and this cycle repeats itself over and over.

    Love is a lot like that honey. we take our crappy ex's back because time allows us to forget the pain that theyve caused. but sweetie remember to look at the scars he left on your heart. I firmly believe that is why we go throught heartache. to learn from it. so that we will never let it happen the same way again.

    good luck! and honey just let him go!

  • There's no quick fix to get over someone. Time heals all wounds though.


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