Is it weird I’m good friends with my ex?

So, I was with this guy for about three years. I was madly in love, but things didn’t work out. We broke up amicably, but both needed space. We took a year.

After a year, we started talking again—both post-breakup with different partners. We kinda/sorta dated again but it just wasn’t there anymore. We agreed to be friends.

Now I’ve been going through a hard time the last couple months and he recently let me come stay at his place and even loaned me $1,000.

We say we love each other, but it isn’t romantic anymore. We even talk about our dating lives pretty freely. I’m actually super happy having this kind of relationship with him...

... but is this weird? I know most people want a clean break with their exes. But I feel like I love him unconditionally in the sense that we don’t need to be IN love to be in each other’s lives.

It feels healthy, but I’m wondering if there are any pitfalls I should look for? Would you ever have a friendship like this?
Is it weird I’m good friends with my ex?
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