What does my ex want?

Hey guys, so my situation is a bit of a headache.
He’s a submariner. We dated for only 7 months. I’m an international student. We met in Melbourne. I had to leave after 4 months. Things were real. We dated before me met each other. We’re in our mid 20s. We’ve had serious relationships before. I’m divorced. He was once engaged to his ex of 3 years and broke up. He met me after 2 years. We like to think we never love anyone like we do each other. I’m not saying we don’t have arguments. Some of them are pretty crazy but we worked on them. He proposed to me right before I left the country.
I went back to my country. He is moved to another city. We planned on getting married. However, we haven’t met each other’s family. Therefore, his parents invited me over for a weekend to know each other. Everything went well. the following morning, he posted a picture each on Instagram and Facebook saying how he had the best weekend with me. That afternoon, he got a call from his parents saying how it wouldn’t work because he would be serving for 6 years and then, at times, we wouldn’t have contact for a long period, etc...
He couldn’t tell me right away coz he was really upset. He eventually told me. Before I left the country again, he told me how we could work on it and that he’s not giving up on me. I left.
The next day, he emailed me explaining how he was always confused and unsure and that he lost feelings for me. I could tell that his parents talked to him after I left coz they weren’t talking after they told him how it wasn’t gonna work.
I feel so shattered. I told him I hated him and i told him to block me on every app and social media. He did even though he told me I could still have talked to him. But I insisted and he did.
I know for a fact he doesn’t use some app for anyone else except me. After a few days, he unblocked me and I noticed he keeps coming online to check when I was last online.
My gut is telling me he’s lying that he lost feelings. Please help.
What does my ex want?
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