He suddenly began acting weird, why?

Ryt, Background story. I've known for a bout a year not personally, but I knew him through friends and I've been out with him a few times wiv my mates. One day randomly he started talkin to me on facebook an I replyed an from dat, we hit it off. We went with each other for a while and everything was going really well. Until one day, I knew something was wrong with him the way he was txting. I couldn't get a conversation outta him and if I asked him questions about "us" he avoided the subject and talked ab out something else. I haven't seen him since this but we still talk sometimes through text but mostly msn. I don't wnna ask him again because I don't wnna be left hangin again.. I'm just confused, of what's going on in his head. It was literally a few hours after we left each other, he started acting weird and withdrawn. I can't stop thinking about why he suddenly just didn't realli wnna talk anymore. Can anybody help me ! Oh by the way I didn't sleep with him.

He was jus outta 3 year relationship so I'm finkin he doesn't wnna get into another one jus yet, which is completely understandable what I don't get, is the way he got on. This has onli happened las week. Why can't he jus come out an tell me.


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  • Depends how long since you last saw each other, but if it's more than a few weeks, he's either lost interest or is seeing someone else.


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