Should i let him go?

So I have been with my Boy friend for almost 2 years now; he is a very sweet man... but my ex some how gets in the way. Or used to.. because he was a big time sneak. My current boy friend is one who can hide things well, but I know the tricks... he claims that he doesn't like these 3 girls' but he texts them? And DELETES THE CONVERSATION OF ONLY THEM. They flirt with him, ALOT... and I haven't caught him in action, yet. But if he ISN'T DOING ANYTHING... then why does he have to hide all of that?

And why do they flirt so comfortably with him? *sigh* Any Advice?

We were on the verge of breaking up tonight, but he left it up t me and I said I didn't want to end it yet, even though I wasn't sure. And he said he didn't either. I tried talking about it... But he just tells me that I am insecure and that he would never do that, a little confession... I am falling for some one else. "/
And we have sex like twice a month. wth. We went from almost every day to this. And he is starting to come home from worrk ( where 2 of the girls work ) ((that he said didn't work his hours)) and his eyes are glowing. I haven't seen that in him for awhile


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  • He left it up to you because he didn't want to be the bad guy. You're obviously unhappy and he's obviously not respecting your feelings by talking to these other girls (and that makes him shady). You deserve better girl. You already know the answer to your question or you wouldn't have posted the question in the first place. Don't be afraid, you know what you need to do for yourself, just go for it.

    • Than why do I find myself sticking around? I Love Him. But I am no longer in love. "/ Stalemate.

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  • Be the one to break up with him. or start distancing yourself from him ... and see if he does anything to win you back. but please, keep your pride and dignity in the process .. as he might not be worth your attention and affection.

    • I started distancing myself from him... he didn't try to win me back until we almost broke up. He says he doesn't want to end it... but idk. I have been here before.

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