Should i let him go?

So I have been with my Boy friend for almost 2 years now; he is a very sweet man... but my ex some how gets in the way. Or used to.. because he was a big time sneak. My current boy friend is one who can hide things well, but I know the tricks... he claims that he doesn't like these 3 girls' but he texts them? And DELETES THE CONVERSATION OF ONLY THEM. They flirt with him, ALOT... and I haven't caught him in action, yet. But if he ISN'T DOING ANYTHING... then why does he have to hide all of that?

And why do they flirt so comfortably with him? *sigh* Any Advice?

We were on the verge of breaking up tonight, but he left it up t me and I said I didn't want to end it yet, even though I wasn't sure. And he said he didn't either. I tried talking about it... But he just tells me that I am insecure and that he would never do that, a little confession... I am falling for some one else. "/
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And we have sex like twice a month. wth. We went from almost every day to this. And he is starting to come home from worrk ( where 2 of the girls work ) ((that he said didn't work his hours)) and his eyes are glowing. I haven't seen that in him for awhile
Should i let him go?
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