Really need help on what to do now?

You guys/girls are probably sick of hearing me posting, but now that I know my ex-girl is now recently staying with her ex from high school (shes 26 and I am 25) so that was a long time ago, what should I do? I have spilled my heart out to her (and asked her if she would give it another shot). My feelings are too strong for her to, just do nothing. I told her this last week, not knowing she was actually staying with her ex ...but she told me afterward. It has been months since the break-up, and I still feel like she is the love of my life. I try to have fun and be happy, but it doesn't work, or maybe for a moment it does. As much as I try or want to move on, I know deep down that she is the one...yea you probably heard that before. But anyway...she messaged me Happy Thanksgiving today, and we chatted for a minute of small talk. It breaks my heart, not knowing if she even considers wanting to get back together, or if she misses me. But when she broke up she said she loved me and wants to be friends and maybe in the future who knows, and she said it's possible we could get back together. If this is true, what are my best chances to get her back?

If we were meant for each other, what can I do to not screw it up? What can I do to let her realize that she might of made a mistake, and that she misses me? Stay friends? Should I tell her that I am sorry, but it hurts too much and I miss you too much when I see you and hear from you...and for now at least I have to take you off of facebook. And not contact you for a while? Or something like that? What that hurt my chances...or be good to do? Really though, what else or what should I do? I am lost without her, and I really need some advice. As much as I try, I can't seem to find interest in other girls, nor them in me. Before you say screw her, move on. It's not that simple, but if it's trully not meant to be, maybe I can one day. Any and all advice is helpful. Thanks in advance.

Anyone got advice? It kills me every-time something reminds me of her, or when she is talking to me, that she might just look at me completely as friends. If I told her I need to keep a distance, because I still love her, will that backfire? What to do?


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  • I know what I'm about to say, is going to sound harsh, but she's moved on, where as you haven't. chances are as close to none that the both of you will get together. You'll have to tell her, that you can't be friends with her, and that once you are ready to be friends with her that you will contact her, when you do that give her one of your pictures that you guys had together and tell her that when you're ready to become friends you'll take the picture(the rest of the pictures you have to get rid of them). after you tell her this, you need a complete cleansing from her or you won't be able to move on, which means, delete her number off your phone, hell get a new phone and number just so that she can't contact you. delete her off of facebook or anything related to that. Anything that reminds you of her, get rid of it. and yes, do tell her to keep a distance.

    It's going to be hard, but in order to get over it must be done. This will allow a whole lot of weight to be lifted from your shoulders. Then go out, go paintballing, hit up a bar, and start fresh, you're 25, I swear it won't be the end of the world. move on.


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  • I feel your pain.. I was in a similar situation like you, but kind of messed things up. It looks like you dug yourself into a hole by spilling your guts to her. But if she's staying with her ex, she's on a rebound and you do have a chance of winning her back, especially if she still messages you.

    Have you tried writing her a hand-written letter? That's how I got my ex back. This guy can help you out with a letter ==> link


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