Broke up, she had sex, now wants me back?

So I broke up with my girlfriend about 3 months ago. Neither of us had lost our feelings for each other however things just weren't working out the way I needed. I apparently shattered her heart. We talked occasionally and remained friends but she eventually began trying to move on. A month ago I wanted to try again and asked to get back together. She explained that she had met someone during the break and had developed feelings for him but would always choose me if given the choice. So we got back together for a week. That week I was concerned about her feelings for the other guy but she assured me they weren't enough to pull her away from me and that she was just scared to get hurt again but she would slowly let go of him. A week after being together she told me she wanted to be with him and that she just wasn't ready to be with me again. I saw her yesterday and she admitted that a week after breaking up she had sex with him. She though there was more emotion and connection but after having sex it just wasn't the same. He started being possessive and she thought it may have just been a physical urge needing satisfaction. I have also read that it may have all had something to do with her Scorpio nature to get revenge for me breaking her heart.

She now tells me the two of them are not going to work out together and I sense she may want me back. I am not ready to be back with her but I just want to know how I should view her as a person in the event I was ready some time in the future.

I know the two of them built emotions for 3 months but was it wrong for her to have sex with him a week after dropping me and even telling me she loved me? How should I feel about her needing to settle a "urge". That kinda scares me.

I am 24. She just turned 20 and still in college. Does it just sound like she is just young emotionally?

Broke up, she had sex, now wants me back?
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