Why would you be upset if your ex-gf had deleted you off MSN ?

My ex and I (we split up 2 months ago) had a convo through text about meeting up. he took the opportunity to let me know that his girlfriend had read my sms's and that she was freaking out about it. he still wants to meet up with me, though ... but behind her back. plus, he told me she might add me on MSN and I should not accept her, or else we will not be able to see each other since she is very jealous. reading this, I immediately removed him from msn. when I told him about what I had done, he said I had misunderstood him .. that he hadn't said that. what did he mean then ? I don't get it... we are supposed to meet up just to talk.


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  • it doesn't seem unreasonable his girlfriend is freaking out especially since now he want's to meet you without her knowing!

    • I understand the gf's reaction. I just don't get what he means by "u misunderstood me". I thought the best thing to do was to delete him off MSN .. since his girlfriend intentionally created an MSN account to add me .. and now he's like : "ure not forced to talk to me. that's not what I meant." but then, what did he mean ?

    • we have no clue. all this sneaking behind his gf's back is making him act vague. do you really want to meet up?

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