Why are us guys stupid?

I swore I'd never get married again but I meet this amazing woman married her. She works her azz off daily comes home to me. Even though she's tired af she will still suck me, get on top for awhile ,& lie in any position I want her to. She pays for a lot. I've kept my pay checks she paid all the bills alone. She didn't act mad if she was. She's everything a guy could ask for. Excepting my children as her own never missed an appointment for my son even when we weren't married. The nurses thought she was mom. I cheated on her kicked her out & she's willing to forgive me. I called the cops on her because she wanted her deceased mom's belongings. I don't know why I'm that stupid I'll never find one like her again.


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  • I don't know if guys are stupid but you describe yourself as being pretty stupid so I’ll concede that much.

    • No one wants her I did at first but then na kicked her to the curb like everyone else did as she sat there crying I tossed her chit out

    • Well she should no count herself as a lucky woman.

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  • I think most men your age would know to appreciate a woman like that.

    • She helped me out from day one. She paid 451.00 for my electric bill n 140to keep my net on because I was late on both. We weren’t even married yet she moved in with me & I wanted her to pay all the bills while I kept my checks

    • You take her then

    • Guess not I hate that my family love her lol I fixed that shit

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  • Damn you really are an asshole.

  • Then why do you treat her unkindly?

    • Because I can. I even took my moms account and paid off my car and credit cards. I blamed her so my family will hate her

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    • Na I'm good ty

    • You're welcome.

  • Why are girls so loyal


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  • This cannot be real.

    • Very this isn’t the first time I kicked her out & my terminally ill step son in the middle of the night. My mom says I’ll never find one like her again. My mom also told her that they both are welcome there any time divorced or not. That pisses me off a lot, because your parents are supposed to be on your side

    • It's not unreasonable for your mother to choose her side especially if you're in the wrong. We all have to stand on some principle.

    • Yes it is that’s my family not hers. Her mom died her father wasn’t around her one brother died the other one is always in jail and her sister is psycho.

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