Does my ex sounds like he is mentally ill?

I was 1 year and a half with someone I believe was a sociopath or has any other mental disorder. At first he was the most amazing, he told me he loved me very soon and showered me with love, travels, gifts, attention and other things. Then he started being too controlling, he accused me of cheating without any prove, checked my phone even in front of me, punished me with silent treatments for very silly things. I started to being paranoid, even hiding texts from my mom, I felt guilty and I didn’t know why. He manipulated so much, that I started to believe that I was going crazy an he even forced me to have sex with him.
He was totally indifferent to my tears or pain, he said extremely hurtful things to me and lied about everything.
The last time I spoke with him, he told me to stay away from him, he told me that he was evil, that he was going to hurt me very much and that I will be better without him. I feel extremely confused because one day we were fine and the next day it was awful. We are not together anymore and I do not understand why I still feel that I need him.
Does my ex sounds like he is mentally ill?
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