Why did my ex boyfriend ask me these questions?

Me and my ex boyfriend broke it off 4 months ago
But he wanted to remain friends after the break up
So he would still message me several times a week
And sometimes he would call me just to talk
And wants to hang out once a week (to cinema, to lunch or dinner, etc)
he's always the one initiating

About 1 month ago, I met this new guy from a mutual friend
We have been seeing each other ever since
And we made out after the 2nd date
I didn't tell my ex boyfriend about him because deep down, I still love my ex and dont want to lose him

2 days ago, I went out with the new guy and after dinner, we made out and it got heavy
He gave me a love bite
I freaked out because the next day, I was seeing my ex boyfriend for lunch
So the next day ( which was yesterday), I tried covering the love bite before seeing my ex but it failed
My ex was like "what is that? Is that a love bite?"
And then I confessed to him that I was seeing another guy
He seemed hurt but he kept asking me these questions:
"How old is he?"
"What nationality is he?"
"What job does he do?"
"Is he funny?"
"Does he treat you right?"
"Does he seem like a nice guy?"

Then he said:
"Im happy that you found someone"
"I hope he makes you happy and treats you right"
But he didn't talk to me as much afterwards when he drove me back home from lunch

Why did my ex boyfriend ask me these questions?
He still has feelings for you
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He was just curious about the new guy
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Why did my ex boyfriend ask me these questions?
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