boyfriend breaks up, comes back, to break up again?

I actually posted on here about 2 months ago about my boyfriend (of 9 months) breaking up with me out of nowhere and I didn't think I'd be back here again. But here I am.
After posting that, about 1 month ago my boyfriend came back to me. He told me he made a huge mistake, that he has issues of not communicating well, and he needs me in his life because i make him a better person. I took him back w/ caution. I warned him that I am still hurt and that its going to take a while for me to forgive him. He understood and said he'd do anything to prove himself.
Since we go to the same college but he is home for the summer across the country, we have had to rehabilitate our relationship over long distance. SO HARD. I thrive off of in person interaction. Texting makes me very impulsive and say things I don't mean. but he promised he would never hurt me again and since we have such good chemistry in person & really love each other I trusted him.
He had been doing well at "proving" himself, calling every night, telling me he loves me constantly. He even bought a plane ticket to come see me on his birthday for a week NEXT WEEK! I guess through his "proving" himself to me I took advantage of the fact that he hurt me and I could get away with hurting him. So once in a while when i felt a twinge of anger still from him hurting me, I brought it up, and almost reprimanded him for hurting me like that. Bad, ik.
So one night when that happened, he broke up with me out of nowhere again. He said he's been trying his best at proving himself to me but he feels I just remind him day in and day out of his mistakes and he can't take that dark cloud following him around anymore. He said he still loves me but needs to respect himself. I was so shocked and frustrated. I had no clue he was feeling this way. If he had told me I would have tried to improve. I was sent to the ER due to panic attack for the weekend and told him that. he hasn't contacted me since. I feel so betrayed yet guilty.
boyfriend breaks up, comes back, to break up again?
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