How do you know when to split?

Most of us realize "love" and "relationships" aren't made of just sunshine, rainbows and puppy dog tails. It takes work, and sometimes may make you want to scream.

But how do you know when he/she is one worth taking on this battle?

Or how do you know to move on to the next?


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  • you reach a point when you just know its time to move on .

    sort of like playing poker , reach a point where you say to yourself " I'm out " and game is no longer worth the risk or financial bet , can be the same for potential relationships or actual ones , you can reach a point where you say to yourself I'm out of here , its just no longe worth it


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  • Its time to move on if you even think about there has to be something that is making you think that.

  • If you are even asking about it, then it might be a sign to do so. Is the "work" paying off in the end?


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