Should I Go No Contact?

How many of you have used No Contact?

My ex boyfriend, who broke up with me, wanted to remain friends. For 3 months we have been working on being friends but when I went to pick up a book from his place 3 weeks ago, he completely changed and hardly speaks to me now.

When I was there, things were amazing and I thought we were finally starting to get somewhere but then I see him that night and he is completely cold and was quite rude, and has been ever since.

It wasn't the first time I saw him either (when I picked up the book), we have seen each other a lot since the break up, usually in a public setting though. HE wanted me to come round to pick up this book, HE imitated contact always, even rang me some times and now nothing?

I don't understand what has happened for him to flip a switch like this, I do sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with him mentally but then I think perhaps I am making excuses.

I am thinking of going NC because it is just so hurtful and I need to get over this...

I can't just wait around for someone like this, even though I love him.

How many of you have used NC and how do you go about it?

I am 27, he is 24.

I also think it will help him and make him realize what an ass he is being (and I know it's not meant for this but at the moment I am quite angry after being quite upset for some time).

I'm beginning to think there may be someone else as well now... I feel replaced but not much I can do about it. No contact it is!

How long do people usually go for? I've read something about a 30 day rule but I feel I'd need longer.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds like a good idea he's acting passive aggressive etc.


What Girls Said 1

  • You definitely should. It's likely to surprise him and he'll probably attempt contact with you. Guys don't like not being able to have things x


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