How can you turn the table when your ex came back?

looking for (what seemed to be) sex?

A while ago, I'm pretty sure this is what he wanted, I was with him in person - but I DIDN'T do it, cause I'm pretty certain that's not the way to get him back, is it? - and he sure wouldn't respect me for it, would he?

I fell for him hard and still feel it now... I if pos would like to get back together, which I obviously accept won't just happen like that. (its been about 5 months since we broke up and this happened about a month ago)

There were a few cute moments on this meet up though, and he said he didn't want to force me to do stuff I don't want.

So, my question is, he seemed to still finds me physically attractive, but is there a way to turn the table a bit further from that?

Clearly he used to see me as more than just that, obviously its more complicated now - but surely there's a way to get out of the mindset of, 'potential sex', and get back into the mind set of, 'potential girlfriend' or something like that?

Thanks muchly, hugz
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(just for extra info, we never 'officially' were boyfriend and girlfriend, but were dating each other exclusively for about 6 months.)
How can you turn the table when your ex came back?
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