How can you turn the table when your ex came back?

looking for (what seemed to be) sex?

A while ago, I'm pretty sure this is what he wanted, I was with him in person - but I DIDN'T do it, cause I'm pretty certain that's not the way to get him back, is it? - and he sure wouldn't respect me for it, would he?

I fell for him hard and still feel it now... I if pos would like to get back together, which I obviously accept won't just happen like that. (its been about 5 months since we broke up and this happened about a month ago)

There were a few cute moments on this meet up though, and he said he didn't want to force me to do stuff I don't want.

So, my question is, he seemed to still finds me physically attractive, but is there a way to turn the table a bit further from that?

Clearly he used to see me as more than just that, obviously its more complicated now - but surely there's a way to get out of the mindset of, 'potential sex', and get back into the mind set of, 'potential girlfriend' or something like that?

Thanks muchly, hugz

(just for extra info, we never 'officially' were boyfriend and girlfriend, but were dating each other exclusively for about 6 months.)


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  • try being friends...friends don't have sex with each other until they take it to the next need to reset further and see if he can actually be a boyfriend and not an FWB/rebounder

    • Thanks for a prompt comment =)

      when I tried inviting him out again after, he kind of blew me off, and then began ignoring me... I left it, but its been about 3/4 weeks since then now. So I'm not entirely sure what to do... if I carry on trying to just be friends surely will it just provide him with the ease that I'm already there, and he doesn't need to do anything, cause then he's got that option? idk, is there a chance you could clarify what you mean a bit more please?

    • don't try anymore unless he wants you're not impressing him and just hurting yourself in the effort...let him ask for it

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