Should I just tell my ex? I'm frustrated!

When he broke up with me, he gave no closure at all! I'm just hanging on a thread, very frustrated. I realized it was my fault and I've changed. There's a few things I never said that I should have done. I should have appreciated him more. He was fantastic.

He is on the rebound although he informed me he doesn't find her attractive at all.

He also ended it by calling me and crying and stressing and saying we can't see each other because he'll feel 'something' for me. So, you know, I'm hanging by a bloody thread!

Should I just tell him my feelings?

Spill it all out? Everything I've wanted to say?

(Maybe then I'll get closure or back together)


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  • I think you should get it off your chest, you will feel better telling him everything you feel. It's probably best to take a break, but you should let him know regardless. It sounds like he still really likes you.

    • Thank you for answering.

      i haven't contacted him in 4 weeks. I needed, and I presum he did, space to think and look bad.

      I really think I should tell him. He gave no closure. it's frustrating thinking, 'what if?'

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