Why did he dump me?

We had his incredible connection, dated during university, as he was in exchange, than he moved back to his country. We kept in touch, weren’t exclusive, but we both recognized how strong our connection was and didn’t want to give up on it. When we got to see each other, things went so well it’s hard to believe.

Than a month after a beautiful holiday together, he started being elusive and not replying to my messages I asked if anything was wrong, he said no. But it only got worse and worse, so in the end I told him I considered things to be over between us. He said it was probably best so, he never told me why he took distances.

He immediately started dating a very plain looking friend of his and won’t talk to me anymore.

Why did he break up with me and won’t talk to me anymore?
Because of distance, and won’t talk to you because he wants to move on
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Because of distance, and he won’t talk to you because he couldn’t care less about you
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Because he realized he wanted to date his plain friend
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Actually, you broke up with him, he was probably just busy
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Because you weren’t enough for him and even his plain friend is better than you
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Why did he dump me?
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