What should I do if the boy I'm into do this?

Well, I need help, I really do. I met a guy a few days ago and we had such an amazing conection.. we were getting out a lot but we were hanging out with our friends at the same time so we were never on a date alone. But, one of the nights, we were very close, hand in hand. I though we were on the same vibe but then, on the next day he told me that his ex girlfriend sent him a message and then he realized that he has to focus on him. He doesn't want to be with his ex but he wants time for him because he wants to forget her REALLY so then he can continue meeting me.
The problem is I fell in love.. and I think he was interested, but not as much as I am.. now what should I do? He say that he's confused, that he will not use me to forget someone, that he needs time for himself.. I'm afraid that he'll just forget this and he's not going to try to meet me and see what happens.. that was our intention: "go with the flow"

Now I'm heartbroken and I don't know what to do or think, help.
What should I do if the boy I'm into do this?
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