What should I do if I love my ex and she's in love with me, but I really like this other girl?

Me and Ex had a connection for like 2 years now. She said she's in love with me now and can't get over me. The same with me also. But me and this other girl have been talking for a while now. I'm starting to really like her and I think the feeling me too. I don't know if I should stop talking to this other girl?


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  • Speaking from recent experience you should def decide who you want to be with. Don't lead the new girl on if you love and want to be with your ex. The longer you wait to make a decision the more its going to hurt the new girl if you end things with her. Think about it from on sides like what's gonna be different by the way you and your ex if you guys got back together? Being the new chick that was drop it doesn't feel good when the guys wait to tell you that he wants to be friends but still has feelings for you smh...


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  • You need to decide who's more worth it. If she's your ex, then you already lost her once, and if you both still love each other, you have the option to get her back, which you might not have again if you go for the other girl. But then again, if she's your ex, you must have broken up for a reason and getting back together may bring all those problems back up. No one can tell you what you should do, you just gotta decide who you want and like more. Good luck!


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