Is this a sign, and what should I do?

So I play squash (a tough racket sport - like tennis but instead of hitting it over the net you hit it against the front wall in case you wondering), and I was in a tournament today. As I was warming up on the bike, the girl I like who confuses me a bit kept walking in front of me from one side of the gym to the other, more than usual. I know her reasonably well (well not like stuff about her but we train together and don't have trouble talking to each other), but each time she walked past me I looked at her to try and make eye contact to say hi, and I'm pretty sure she would have seen me looking at her in her periphery, but she never looked at me. Then she sat about 20 meters away on some bleachers right in front of me, kinda watching a squash game that was going on, and started talking to a guy about a year younger than her for about a minute, then after he left I saw her look around at me (maybe, I'm hoping to see if I was looking at her?). I don't know if this is her trying to make me jealous or something... But yeah, the whole evening she didn't talk to me or look at me and have eye contact. Oh, when she looked at me (again, I'm hoping to see if I was looking at her), I was looking in her direction, but I pretended I was watching a squash match going on beside her, and then right away she noticed and turned around to see what I was looking at and watched the match for a few seconds before doing something else.

All this went on for about a period of 20 minutes (I was on the bike for that long, and about every two minutes she would walk past me a few meters away without looking at me but slightly looking in my direction (let's say normally she would be walking at a 90degree angle away from me; she was walking in a 75degree angle if that makes sense lol)).

So... is this a sign she might like me, and if it is, what should I do? I see her a few times a week, but I'll probably see her more this weekend during the tournament.

Please don't be afraid to be honest in your answers, and don't be afraid to tell me I'm looking to far into things and I'm too crazy / attached. Thanks! :)

Haha, sorry the description was so long :)
So I'm going to see her tomorrow morning (13ish hours from now). What should I do? How should I act towards her? Again, we do know each other pretty well, and usually talk (maybe we don't have deep talks, but we have talks).
By the way, she didn't come to the tournament today for some reason, even though her brother and little sister did, and her little sister was the only one who had a game. What I'm saying is I don't know why her brother came with her sister but she didn't.
I was thinking of kinda hinting to her that I like her by asking her tomorrow why she didn't come to the club even though her brother did, but not take too much of an interest in her (because I've found that when I don't, she's nicer to me or at least
doesn't ignore me.


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  • well. to me it sounds like you really want her to like you. and yes, I do think you are reading a bit too far into it. However, I am a shy person when it comes to guys that I like, and I will often do things like walking in front of them to give them more opportunities to check me out or really whatever, even just to see my face more. And since I am shy I often end up shutting down when they get flirty because I get nervous and don't really know how to react. Then when they are just friendly again, I am comfortable and it is easier to talk to them. but honestly you can't take that as every girl's reaction. has she ever been visibly uncomfortable when you try to flirt with her. Like if you ever touch her arm or something does she shy away and sort of distance herself, because if so then that is a very blatant sign that she is not interested.

    • Thanks. Maybe I am.

      I don't really know when I could touch her arm or something... I never have before...

    • yea it is definitely hard to find an organic moment for that. when it feels right, then I would go for it, but don't make it awkward! But, also don't loose hope.

    • Okay thanks.

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  • She might have been trying to get your attention, but maybe your looking really to far into things and she was just bored and hanging out. But it really is 50/50. If YOU think you might of been looking into things 99% chance you were, but if you think something was up with her, then maybe she does like you.

    • Okay thanks. Personally I don't think I'm looking too far into things, cause when we train she talks to me, and here it seemed like she purposely ignored me but chose to walk past me a lot.

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  • So she never actually looks at you? I don't know, you might be over-evaluating things.

    There is only one way to know for sure. Step up and talk to her, and talk just a little every day that you see her at the gym. You want to go from "that random stranger at the gym that sometimes stares at me" to "that friendly guy at the gym that I enjoy talking to," and then see how she responds.

    • No, you misunderstood... She looks at me when we train together (we train with a group of juniors around 15/16 years old). I'm not "that random stranger at the gym that sometimes stares at me". We know each other pretty well, in that we see each other often and have known each other for around a year. We have talked before, and like I said in my (long) description (lol sorry it was so long), we don't really have trouble talking to each other.

  • I think it is possible that h e likes you, especially if she is looking at you/noticing you that much. I like your idea of asking her why she wasn't there yesterday, I think it could show interest, and it shows that you noticed when she wasn't there, but if she actually doesn't like you, then it's not really a big deal.


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