I screwed up everything and other people are suffering too! PLEASE HELP ME!

I was in the on again, off again relationship for 9 months. It ended a lot mostly because of his for various reasons: other girls, he wasn't ready to date, whatever. Sometimes I would end it because he would do a series of things that would put me over the edge and I would say, "wow, you really don't care about me! I'm out"

So this last time it got BAD and the madness started about a week ago. We started talking again and we hooked up and we had plans to see each other again. He seemed interested in an acquaintance of mine at the same time, then I asked about it (because we've had similar problems before). He said nothing was going on, got mad, and seemed pissed that I was acting "crazy again". It escalated, I tried apologizing, and he said he was done and to leave him alone. I tried to talk to him a few times, but he wouldn't. As one last attempt I went to his house, he wasn't there but his roommate told him I came by and he got really pissed and called me a stalker. I told him I would leave him alone. Then the girl that "nothing was going on with" unfriended me on facebook. Obviously he said something to her, so I got pissed and sent him a text telling him to f*ck himself for messing stuff up. He got mad back and we haven't spoken since.

Well, the acquaintance of mine and I have friends in common and they've been telling me that she's been talking about me and my guy is mad at my bro (who heard about it too and got mad), who he WAS friends with. He didn't do anything and I don't know what's going on.

Basically, I know it's absolutely over with this guy. We have issues that we can't solve and we don't trust each other and I'm never sure that he cares about me. I go back and forth about the idea that he's just passing the time with me. Plus he's saying bad things about me and I'm so hurt that he would do that. But this private matter, that I admittedly went a little overboard on, started between me and him and got out of hand. There's all this drama and no one can give me a straight answer about anything. I don't know what he's been telling her and what she's telling others or why my guy is mad at my bro. I haven't said anything to her, or about her either.

I feel terrible and want to fix things at least between my guys and my bro because they were friends, but I don't know how. My guy won't talk to me because he thinks I'm crazy and the girl is on his side and I don't know if anything is in fact going on with them, but people seem to think so. I can't let it go because I need closure between me and him and I feel like I'm messing up lives. What can I do to get him to talk to me? Anything, please


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  • move to another town?


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  • I agree you do need closure once and for all. Txt him and try agree at time when you call talk.


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