She told me...I'm already back with my ex. Just confused with myself....need some advice to get over it?

well, what happen is that I meet this one friend girl like 4 years ago and last week she happen to find me in facebook and added with giving her number to me. she just got out a relationship and wasn't sure if she wants to give him a sec I came in by offering myself to be a rebound. I plan was never to fall for her, just to stall time. we talk for hour and hours to catch up what we both miss those 4 years. then a little joke there and here and something out of the blue, she happen to tell me that she like me and feel really happy talking to me. so I was like same here, I feel the same. we met up at the mall, she wouldn't let me hold her hand or her stuff, but was flirty and I was too. so yea I keep on asking for a french kiss and she kept on saying no. then we walk into one of those little water sprout thing where you throw the coin to make a wish and for sure I wish for the kiss. at the end for the date, she gave me one and two kiss and it was so awesome. then I hold her and said I don't you to leave yet. I want to spend this time with you before I don't ever see you again. I want you to remember this day and me. because I know for sure something will happen and we will barely see each again. so stay outside for 1hr with her telling her that you know you made me so happy now that I don't want to let you go, its like you stole my heart when it wasn't suppose to happen. after that we went our own way home and talk for a bit on the phone. I know I was falling for her but one thing I told her when I told her I like her is that the only thing is stop me from being with her is culture. we have the same belief is that she's been marry before and I haven't. it will be hard for me to be with somebody that is divorce especially I haven't exp the marriage life yet..and what will people think of me..i was scare so I talk to my friend that night because he in the situation already and gave me the best advice. so I talked to her after and told her to give me time and see where we go, but at the end she told me...I'm already back with my ex. so I told her to tell me how she feel about me, she said I want to give my ex a second chance and if it doesn't end will then maybe along the road there could be us. but I still want to keep a contact of you because you're my good friend and I told her..if you keep in contact with me, I will only stand in the way of you two..but she doesn't want to lose me...still I told her ...either I stay and cause trouble to your relationship or leave you happy and see if we cross later. still somehow I couldn't leave her..I'm still talk to her and miss and I know a part of her feel the same...but knowing that she with someone else I want to leave and not pick or text that my plan and it hurts so much...I'm trying to ignore her now and I don't know if I could..I'm in so much pain just waiting for you to call me everyday... I felt like I want to start drinking again to forget about her...what should I do...need advice.

sorry for any miss spell or fragment...just writing fast and anything out of my mind...but yea...there still more stuff I want to tell but this is the main thing that happen just a couple days ago. so if you need more info feel free to ask. they broke up because he was cheating on her I'm in the picture again... but one problem now..i have to talk to my family about dating her because of experience in a marriage life already. I'm scare that my parent won't accept her


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  • Hey,

    This is definitely one of those difficult situations we find ourselves in when it comes to relationships. My advice is simple, yet its easier said than done I know, and that is to move on my friend. She's back with her ex, and you said yourself you can't remain friends with her, even though both of you don't want to lose each other. I've been in your position myself, I was the rebound guy, and when she went back to her ex, I was devastated, I just wanted to still be friends at least, but she didn't want anything to do with me anymore. I kept waiting for months, hoping that she would call me up, or text, or email me, anything. Looking back on it, I wish I hadn't spent so much time chasing something I would never get back. What really helped me was when I realized that there are many, many other women that are just as wonderful if not more so out there that are available and that wanted to be with me. Its difficult, but don't worry about her or remain in contact with her, if she really wants you in her life, she will get to you. Its very difficult to get over someone if you still talk to them regularly, or see them, etc. Its time for you to go on with your life and be happy, life is too short to be upset about losing this girl, and even though it may not seem like it now, you will find another.


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