How do I make him stop?

last year I use to talk this cute guy (he’s 17) that I thought was pretty cool... anyways I kind of sent him (nudes😬) things a while back and he showed his friends so I stopped talking because I was very mad and annoyed (I was avoiding him and nothing weird happened) after a while he would text me “hey” or “wyd” (I would say 2 times a week to talk I guess) and I would leave him on read. A couple of months ago he watched my story on my instagram but never even followed me in the first place (it’s weird but could’ve been anything) there’s other weird things like some days during my breaks he would follow me or MY FRIENDS around (it was kind of obvious). he randomly added me on Snapchat so I blocked him yesterday then he made a new one then I blocked him again and then he made another hours ago and kept messaging me fucking weird texts (exposing my nudes or physical threats) I told my friend she told me to “ignore” but it’s kind of hard when he’s trying to fucking expose me! I do I have screenshots of convo before blocking... is there anything I can do? I’m scared he will actually fucking do it! Honestly I don’t know what he would do with them or if he’s trying scare me for avoiding him😫could I report him or something for doing this? Is that possible? should I just ignore?
How do I make him stop?
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Please not hate!
How do I make him stop?
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