How do I move on?

I just love this man so much, I've never felt this way about anyone before and It's literally sending me crazy I just want him out of my head and I wish I could just turn my feelings off and erase all the memories we had together out of my head. I really see him as someone so special to me but he doesn't feel the same and I feel like I've just had a year of my life wasted on him and it's so difficult for me to get rid of him as I see him everyday at work and I hear about his personal life and other girls and it breaks my heart but I just have to keep being a good friend to him and act like him fine when I'm not at all.

I hate myself for letting me fall in love with him so easily and it makes me feel sick to the stomach knowing one day another girls going to come along and he'll totally forgot about me all together. He has no idea how much he means to me and I'm to scared to tell him as I know he'll just think I'm crazy and stop speaking to me.

P. s. sorry for the cringe
How do I move on?
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