Once a cheater always a cheater? BOYS ONLY

So I like this one guy who I almost went out with. But I found out he had a girlfriend. And I hear stories from people that he was a cheater before too. He told my one friend (He's friends with him) that he really actually liked me and felt like he screwed up one of the best things that could have happen to him and that I was what he really looked for in a girl and wished to find in the future. This made me realize I missed him a lot... And I saw him 2 nights ago at a hockey game. I want him back... But I'm scared. I don't wanna get hurt. And I don't want him to cheat. IS IT TRUE THAT ONCE A CHEATER, ALWAYS A CHEATER? ... Even if you find the one girl that could change you? Is it possible for a girl to change your ways?


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  • I would avoid him. There is a lot of truth behind once a cheater always a cheater. It might go well at first but he will then get use to you and end up doing the same thing again. If he has a reputation already that he cheats that is just how bad he is..

    • alrighty. thankyouuu.

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